HTC Consulting

“In my experience, many companies struggle not because they fail to ‘do things right’ but more as a consequence of the fact that they fail to ‘do the right things'”

– Enda Larkin

Why are we different?

Our goal is to become your business partner and not simply an external supplier of advice and expertise and we believe that:

  • We can only bring value to your business, if we really know and understand that business;
  • We can only gain your trust, if we prove that we are trustworthy;
  • We can only guide you towards business improvement, if we win your respect;
  • We can only convince you to implement change, if you have confidence in our capabilities.

These are our fundamental beliefs and we work hard to ensure that we live up to them every day. The cornerstone of our philosophy is integrity and we never place our own needs ahead of yours. In other words, we will never propose solutions to you that are not genuinely necessary and beneficial to your business; we do not put short term financial gain ahead of our long term relationship with you.

Samples of current and past projects include:

Business Performance

Contracted by Failte Ireland, the National Tourism Authority in Ireland, as a lead business mentor with organisations participating on the Optimus Initiative – an innovative, multi-tiered programme, aligned to the EFQM model – which supports enterprises to become more profitable, efficient and competitive.

Public Sector Strategy

Commissioned by the USAID led ‘SIYAHA’ project and the Vocational Training Corporation in Jordan to prepare a Strategic Plan 2006-2010 for the Vocational Training Company (Hotel and Tourism Unit) and the fifteen Vocational Training Centers which specialise in hospitality and tourism training.

Management Development

HTC Consulting designs and delivers a range of management development programmes for industry professionals which are tailored to meet identified training needs. Enda Larkin is a recognised leadership coach and companies we have worked for include: Accor Hotels UK, The K Club, Fitzpatrick Hotel Group and Clarion Hotels to name but a few.

Strategic Human Resources

Advised on strategic HR issues and developed a corporate mentoring and coaching framework to facilitate management development and succession planning for Clarion, Choice and Quality hotels in Ireland.

Hotel School Development

Contracted to the EU funded project, ‘Strengthening Priority Areas of Vocational Training in Yemen (SPAVT)’ to devise the operational concept for the National Hotel and Tourism Institute (NAHOTI)

Delivering Service Excellence

HTC Consulting works closely with a range of client companies to develop their capacity to deliver service excellence. As part of this process:

  • We conduct ongoing mystery guest surveys, providing comprehensive feedback reports identifying areas for improvement;
  • We assist companies to identify and implement core operational standards which are based on guest expectations;
  • We provide training and coaching for employees to help them deliver the standards consistently.

Change Management

Commissioned to conduct a strategic review of the business activities of the town and Country Homes Association, a leading tourism organisation of over 2000 members. Project activities included:

  • Assembled and managed a project management team of experts;
  • Initiated and implemented a restructuring and rebranding of the organisation;
  • Developed marketing & promotion materials, including a corporate video;
  • Prepared a strategic plan for the organisation.

Private Banking

Contracted by a leading private bank in Switzerland to analyse the challenges and opportunities in relation to its private banking activities. Examined the Bank’s performance and compiled recommendations across four dimensions:

  • Strategic – undertook industry analysis and highlighted the critical success factors for the bank;
  • Human Resource Management – outlined solutions to improve internal communication and employee development;
  • Client Management – proposed alternatives for enhancing client relationship management;
  • Marketing – identified actions to increase client acquisition and retention.

Rural Development

Designed and delivered EU-LEADER funded ‘Start Your Own Business’ programmes for SME owners in tourism, developed a self-help marketing guide for business operators and provided mentoring and support for enterprises during the start-up phase.

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