Training Tool

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Managing daily skills training in any industry is critical, but also challenging, and in many cases this form of training either doesn’t happen in a structured way, or isn’t properly recorded – both are problematic. This app makes it easy to deliver and record training at work, removing all unnecessary paperwork.

Easily manage daily skills training for your employees

With this tool you can quickly define the key training tasks for your operational departments, assign trainers and create a digital link to your training manuals etc. Trainers then manage and record training using a mobile device on a daily basis.

Improve management oversight of training 

The great auto-reporting tools associated with this app allow you to keep track of what training is being done on the ground every day. No more wading through reams of paper to keep track of skills training – at the click of a button you can see departmental and employee training records.

Learn more about this tool in under 1-minute, watch the video below:

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