Employee Survey Tool

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Engaged employees outperform others and can set your business apart. This app streamlines the measurement of employee satisfaction and engagement levels using an online survey tool.

Employee engagement is a proven driver of business success and regardless of what sector you’re in, you will want to continuously monitor how your employees are feeling about their work experience.

Easily create and distribute employee surveys

With this tool you can quickly create and distribute employee surveys, drawing from a bank of best practice questions and adding your own. You can conduct annual surveys or ongoing ‘pulse’ surveys so that you continuously stay in tune with how engaged your employees are.

Identify and remove barriers to engagement 

The great auto-reporting tools associated with this app allow you to identify and remove barriers to employee engagement. You can compare survey results over time, filter for different departments and review comments left by respondents. All reports can be converted into PDF report for easy distribution.

Learn more about this tool in under 1-minute, watch the video below:

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