Customer Survey Tool

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Businesses that understand and respond to their customers’ needs always outperform those that don’t. This app digitises the customer feedback process allowing you to gather feedback from customers whilst onsite or post-visit.

Get closer to your customers!

Getting closer to your customers matters in every sector. This simple-to-use tool will help you to ramp up customer engagement levels so that you can better understand how your they view the experience you provide.

With this tool you can easily create and distribute short surveys to your customers (or students) whilst they are onsite or post experience. Surveys can be distributed by email, on a phone/tablet or via your website.

Easily analyse feedback and plan improvements 

Feedback data is automatically compiled into useful data charts that can be compared over time. The results can also be packaged into PDF format for easy distribution.

Learn more about this tool in under 1-minute, watch the video below:

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