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Please find below a selection of books and articles by Enda Larkin.

1. Journeys – Short Stories and Tall Tales for Managers

Journeys is a book of stories, real-world and work-related perhaps, but stories nonetheless. They are tales for managers: always about leadership and often about life. Each of the 15 stories is based on actual occurrences and explores a different aspect of management. Many are linked by common themes and characters but all promote the view that our potential for success – in business and beyond – is directly influenced by the interplay between our attitudes, attributes and actions. To excel in any management role, we constantly must reflect upon who we are, how we think and what we do.

These tales are shaped by current management theory, my extensive experience and by real-world leadership lessons learned from other people and situations. As the themes and characters unfold, they will serve as a vehicle to help you to think about your own performance.

2. How to Run a Great Hotel

 How to Run a Great Hotel demystifies the process of business excellence and continuous improvement, providing a jargon free and user-friendly guide which translates theory into practice in a meaningful way.

For all experienced, or aspiring hotel professionals this book offers a roadmap for success, which will make a lasting impact on both personal and business performance. 

The content of the book focuses on key ‘big picture’ themes such as strategy development, enhancing leadership skills, engaging employees and attaining true customer focus, all of which are central to running a great hotel. 

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3. Ready to Lead?

First time leaders often struggle to understand why they should try to lead and not simply manage. They are often uncertain whether they have what it takes to lead effectively. In fact, they can be overwhelmed by the challenge of leadership. 

Ready To Lead? explains leadership in practical terms and offers readers helpful advice to support them as they first begin to think and then act like a successful leader. This book focuses on leading, not managing as the core theme, but applies this to the more junior management levels within organizations. 

It translates a complex topic into an easy to follow guide, which avoids a sound-bite approach to leadership development and incorporates detailed discussions of how to do it in practice. 

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4. Quick Win Leadership

Quick Win Leadership is aimed at both experienced and aspiring leaders who are looking for concise, yet informative, answers to the most frequently asked questions about the leadership role.

Quick Win Leadership explores, in a meaningful way, complex issues related to leading others, providing simple and practical guidance which can be readily applied, regardless of your current level or seniority as a leader. For the new leader, it offers a roadmap to build your capacity and enhance your performance; for the old-hand, it provides an ideal opportunity to take stock and consider your talents in the light of some best practice leadership principles.

5. Articles

Please click on the links below to read articles published by Enda Larkin. (Please note, links open in a new window):

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